Hard Graft Wild 苹果手机 12 Cases

的 new 苹果手机 12 is a mighty impressive bit of kit and you want to make sure you’在Coolector,我们认为它具有风格。这意味着为此投资一个优质的案例,他们只是不愿意’t come any classier than the Wild 苹果手机 12 Case from Hard Graft. This devilishly dapper accessory will ramp up the style of your 苹果手机 12 and it comes in a number of different colourways to suit your own style persuasions.

Hard Graft Wild 苹果手机 12 Cases have a price tag of £88 这对于手机壳来说可能有点麻烦,但是所提供的质量确实是无与伦比的,并且它’s the sort of accessory that will reside in your pocket for many years to come (or until the next 苹果手机 release at least). 的 se cases are striking stylistically but maintain the sort of traditional, understated aesthetics that we’我对Hard Graft的员工寄予厚望。

苹果手机 Excellence

携带新iPhone 12所需的几乎是 special piece of 高品质的皮革是 随便包着你的裸体 iPhone 和隐藏的信用卡。内衬 supercar level Italian Alcantara, the quality on offer with this Hard Graft accessory really is second to none. 的 Wild 苹果手机 case says effortless 凉爽胜过其他一切,我们’在Coolector HQ享受这里的氛围。

Hard Graft Wild 苹果手机 12 Cases (£88) really excels aesthetically and there is something so 特别 about the brand’s vegetable tan 意大利皮革。它丰富而 deep, the 皮肤结构自然,硬质接枝设计 premium iPhone外壳,最大程度地使用皮革, minimal 缝线和苗条的轮廓。

软的阿尔坎塔拉 interior hugs your 苹果手机 and keeps it nicely protected whilst you’随时随地。这款外观精美的手提箱设有两个用于3-4张信用卡的秘密藏身袋,每个手提箱均按照意大利的严格标准手工制造。如果您只要求最适合您的智能手机,那么Hard Graft提供的这些保护套将非常适合您。


永不过时的设计,制作精良,资源丰富且可持续发展– it’不难看出为什么 Hard Graft已成为领先的供应商之一 男人’的包和配件。

100%硬质接枝’s leather goods, footwear and clothing are all made in Italy from locally sourced 义大利文 and European materials and this delivers the tangible quality that sets them apart and is highly apparent with products like these Wild 苹果手机 12 Cases. Hard Graft spent the last 14 years tracking down the best suppliers, materials and manufacturers to ensure they do justice to their fantastic designs.

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