在Kickstarter上的Rivas Supply Territory四人打麻将的入门价格为94美元哪一个, considering the final retail price will be $159, represents a great saving for such an accomplished piece of performance apparel. Striving to take their gear to the next level of material innovation, Rivas Supply have left no stone unturned in the design of these mighty impressive Territory Pants 和 you’它们无与伦比的多功能性使其在日常穿着中大为震撼。


Rivas Supply的Territory Pants的目的是消除笨重的限制性标准四人打麻将,并以 一条时尚而结实的四人打麻将 that are 非常轻巧 fantastically 舒适,超耐用 and styled for versatility. Rivas Supply built 领地裤 to have your back in every environment- work, travel, 和 play – 和 ensure you look the part whilst doing it.

Robust, stylish 和 great value for money, these 在Kickstarter上购买Rivas Supply Territory四人打麻将(94美元起) are a real triple threat 和 we’我一定会在Coolector HQ上找到我们的一对。这些王牌长裤的突出特点之一是经过实验室验证 Cellbloc™ media shield which 使您无法使用手机 不会影响接收或电池寿命。

Rivas Supply的这些性能四人打麻将内含许多令人印象深刻的功能,以至于它’很难知道从哪里开始,但最重要的一项是使用未来斜纹™ which 伸展与你一起 身体,无与伦比的舒适性和性能潜力。 它们还具有环保的C6耐用防水涂层,可以在您清洁和干燥时保持清洁’re on the move.


仅重12盎司。的 Rivas Supply的Territory Pant的包装要比T恤小 所以不管你’将它们放在背包中进行远足旅行或将周末旅行包用于商务旅行时,他们’不会让你失望。 With 航空公司对行李重量的限制更多,’s more important than ever to cut weight 和 save space 和 you’我们会用这款精湛的服装来做到这一点,在我们发言时为Kickstarter提供资金。

随着现代, tailored fit through waist, seat, 和 thigh, with a mellow taper through the knee 和 leg opening, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable pair of trousers than the Territory Pants from Rivas Supply 和 we’re fully expecting them to take Kickstarter by storm as a result. If you want a new pair that will master the woodland trail 和 look dapper enough for the boardroom, look no further.

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