Leland 培育 Artwork

就艺术品而言,我们’ve all got our own tastes and things that we like and, here at Coolector HQ, we typically gravitate towards incredible pieces like these animated GIFs from supremely talented artist, Leland 培育. If you’永远有一件东西让艺术品有些动摇,那么你’我们将与我们一起欣赏这些精美构思的作品,这些作品只有一丝动感,使它们看起来更加震撼。

Leland 培育 是一位生活在纽约布鲁克林的艺术家和平面设计师,他的惊人作品收藏虽然很小,但构图无疑完美无缺,其中的动画元素在参与度和美学吸引力方面确实增加了一个全新的维度。


The artwork of Leland 培育 seemingly documents relatively mundane things such as a car idling at a petrol station or a pan on a stove but the fact there is that hint of movement to the images makes them, in our opinion at least, slightly ominous. We’re loving the way in which 培育 has brought his artwork to life and it’很高兴看到像这样的新设计形式出现。

培育’的工作风格与我们在Coolector HQ的工作非常吻合– along the same sorts of lines of Simon Stalenhag and Scott Listfield and for those who are fans of their work, there is much to appreciate here too. There is clearly a lot of interest in the work of 培育 as it has been put on display extensively both in the United States and throughout Europe, at locations that include the Smithsonian in Washington DC, and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Impossible to tear your eyes away from, the work of Leland 培育 is the sort of thing where you expect something to suddenly pop up and frighten you but, in actuality, this doesn’不会发生,这可能会使工作更加烦躁。我们’re loving 培育’在Coolector HQ的作品中,我们敢说还会有很多其他的艺术爱好者被迷住。


Perhaps what is most unsettling about the artwork of Leland 培育 is the fact that none of the pieces that he has crafted have any people in them, instead looking like something apocalyptic has occurred and left no one behind. Needless to say, we’ve got our fingers well and truly crossed that 培育 will be regularly adding to his collection of artwork in 2017 and we can’等着看还有什么才华横溢的家伙。


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