We’re pretty big cat lovers 和 have two reprobates of our own running riot in Coolector HQ so we’re invariably on the lookout for things to help keep them entertained. As such, we were delighted to come across this Cheerble Board Game for Cats which is currently taking Kickstarter by storm 和 might just be the next must-have toy for hard to entertain felines given its versatile performance.

在Kickstarter上的猫用Cheerble棋盘四人打麻将是猫的多合一互动玩具 由Cheerble Ball + Cheerble Scratcher四人打麻将类型或Cheerble Scratcher台球类型四人打麻将组成–所有这些都经过精心设计,可以使您的四脚朋友保持超然,并避免恶作剧。猫喜欢玩耍,它的巧妙设计可以保持大脑和身体活跃,并结合了许多不同的方面,这些方面可以刺激猫并确保它们保持快乐。起价仅为47美元,这是为您的猫支付的小价格’s happiness.



Incredibly easy to get set up 和 start entertaining your cat, the Cheerble在Kickstarter上的猫的棋盘四人打麻将(47美元起) 在锻炼和小睡之间提供了完美的平衡,并具有智能的陪伴模式,在这种模式下,球会诱使您的猫将其追逐到Playboard上,同时也让它有时间进行小睡。小的Cheerble Ball有 合成纤维罩 and cool LED lights 在上面吸引猫’的注意。它是专门设计来取悦您的猫的’s paws 和 keep it entertained in the process. 

与它 自动避障 system, the ball never gets stuck in the holes of the Playboard or other tight spots 和 your cat should always be able to find it when they want to burn off some energy. With the 内置的便签本,您的猫不仅可以满足其抓地本能,还可以保持爪形,同时在此过程中消耗一些能量。


在Kickstarter上的猫的Cheerble棋盘四人打麻将 is lightweight 和 portable which means that it will easily fit in any corner of the house without getting in the way. 的 board has a customisable design which can be changed to suit your style tastes 和 the sort of activities that your cat loves to engage in.

这种出色的产品经过专门设计,可以满足猫的自然本能。它是Cheerble Ball的理想组合– a tiny Wicked Ball which is perfect for cats—a Playboard 和 a Scratch Pad, it is the most complete interactive toy for your furry friend 和 it’不难看出为什么’在Kickstarter上与猫迷们产生了共鸣。

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