5 of the Best 鲁普尔 Blankets

说实话,露营可能是最好的主意’希望进入大自然,摆脱束缚的厄运和沮丧,但这仅仅是因为你’重新在野外做’并不是说你可以’t have a touch of luxury in tow. 鲁普尔 blankets are a real camping essential in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and for anyone looking to add considerable comfort to their next camping excursion, we’ve精选了5种最好的方法:

NanoLoft®蓬松毯子– Outdoor Vibes – $179

This NanoLoft®蓬松毯子combines 鲁普尔’专有的羽绒替代保温材料,与高级睡袋和保温夹克中使用的相同技术材料,可让您在室内外保持温暖舒适。 100%消费后回收的专有NanoLoft®隔热材料由细小的圆形纤维簇组成,该纤维簇具有绒毛簇的特性,并提供无与伦比的露营舒适性。 ($179)

羽绒蓬松毯子– Pyro Tri-Fade – $249

Down Puffy毯子将可持续采购的鸭绒保温材料与您使用的相同技术材料相结合’可以在高档睡袋中找到。我们’在Coolector上,这条毯子充满了生气勃勃的美感,它具有600种填充力可持续来源的鸭绒,非常轻便,可包装且非常温暖。羽绒经过疏水处理,可以保持更长的干燥时间并在潮湿的环境下使用。 ($249)

NanoLoft®蓬松毯子– R100 – $179

鲁普尔’s Vantage line of prints takes its design inspiration from the bold, colourful paint jobs meticulously applied to tricked-out homes-on-wheels. It comes with a Cape Clip, something that is featured on all 1-Person blankets from 鲁普尔, which allows you to wear your blanket hands-free so you can start a fire, drink your beer, or change the channel, all while staying warm and cosy inside or out. The corner loops let you stake the blanket into the ground or integrate effortlessly with 鲁普尔’s储藏垫,可让您终极放松。 ($179)

鲁普尔 x Draplin 设计 Company Puffy Blanket – $129

For their latest RAD collaboration, 鲁普尔 have teamed up with Portland based graphic designer, Aaron Draplin of Draplin 设计 Company. He created original DDC artwork for The Original Puffy Blanket from the brand making this the cosiest Draplin poster ever. A DDC patch is included inside every stuff sack. It uses 鲁普尔’s原始的浮肿合成隔热材料由100%的消费后回收材料制成,并具有极富冲击力的视觉设计,在野外看起来会令人赞叹。 ($129)

鲁普尔 Beer Blanket – $8

那里’s no reason your beer should miss out on the fun when you go camping. Grab one of these awesome looking 鲁普尔 Beer Blankets and you’会在野外out饮您最喜欢的手工艺啤酒。冰啤酒?好。冷手?坏。将饮料塞入最终可压缩的饮料毯中。啤酒倒完后,请使用随附的按扣将啤酒毯挂起来。带有一个细小的附加物袋,可以将其用作宠物仓鼠的枕头。 ($8)

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